Rennes: Cité obscure

Since rennes has its fast tgv connecton to Paris and the second Subway Line is confirmed the city seems to explode. While working as a carpenter and living in Rennes I realized that the City is not only expanding but also constantly changing.

Cranes shoot up like trees over night and dominate the silhouettes of the city. For a brief moment they become part of the skyline that they seem to be reconstructing from scratch to never be seen on the same spot again. The structures of naked concrete and the mechanical nature of cranes combined suggest a reality usually hidden under layers of paint, wallpapers and shiny chrome.

Just like humans the buildings and machines seem to be searching recognition and a purpose in a world where most things are on the edge of disposal.

Black and Blanche: A short photoessay about Blanche

Proof Vol.1

With only one roll of Kodak Tri-X at their disposal, photographers around the globe were assigned the task to produce a photo essay focused squarely on a subject of their choosing.

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