Let’s talk about analog photography

In this blog I am sharing some of my insights and ideas on photography. I will try to explore my own journey of becomming a better photographer and my approach to new projects. I will cover the processing of light sensitive material, unconventional film developing techniques, alternative and far out darkroom techniques, photography equipment, everything and more about the analog film camera and of course other Photographers.

Primarily this blog won’t be covering the basics of film photography. However this doesn’t mean that beginners can’t take away useful information. I myself are still learning a lot about shooting film and the alternativ techniques.

What is analog Photography?

A simple Question jet difficult to answer by focussing on the technical definition of analog photography only. In order to understand the differnces between digital and analog we have do submerge further in the philosophical concept behind the use of film in modern fine art photography. Even tough there are more people photographing nowadays thanContinue reading “What is analog Photography?”

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